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Flow Manufacturing

Production Excellence at your Fingertips

Industrial Production and Quality Management Software

Manage and control of all the production process stages (Design, Planning and Execution) - with a MES - Manufacturing Execution System), which allow productivity and traceability incresement and production cost reduction.

Real Time

See all the production details of shop floor in real time.


Integrate shop floor data with the Back Office, to data-driven decisions.

ABC Costing Method

Control manufacturing cost variation throughout the production chain.


Intuitive Front Office, that allows data collection directly from the shop floor and complete Back Office, that ensures to full traceability.



Future Technology

Named one of 4.0 Industry technologies, industrial management software MES - Manufacturing Execution System, allow management and control of all production stages (Design, Planning and Execution) in real time, by integrating shop floor equipments and ERP. Watch the video and learn all the capabilities that MES can bring to your factory.

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Manage industrial costs in real time;
Full traceability and quality system support (HACCP, ISO 9000, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS);
Increased final product quality;
22,5% Average annual improvement in Total Cost per Unit*;
22% Average annual improvement in OTCS (On-Time-Completed-Shipments)*.
*LNS Research and MESA International 2014, estudo feito a mais de 200 empresas com MES



With MES you'll achieve a 22,5% average annual decrease in Total Cost per Unit

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