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We have 50+ active clients in Iberian Peninsula

  • The Customer
    Founded in 1938, A Poveira is a canned fish factory with clients in more than 25 countries. It is characterized by the excellence and high quality level of its traditional manufacturing.
  • The Challenge
    Managing the supplies of raw material management is one of the critical factors of success in this industry, mainly due to fish scarcity. A Poveira also held operational efficiency challenges in assembling packages and activity reporting, once everything was recorded in paper, leading to human resources productivity losses.
  • The Solution
    With Flow technology, A Poveira now has a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that allows production process data collection and analysis directly from the shop floor, so that the production manager can make real time decisions. Regarding logistics management, Flow offers the WMS (Warehouse Management System) features that allow operators to access customer orders information and streamline their assembly and shipping. Flow has an intuitive Front Office, using mobile devices with touch screens and scanners to facilitate data collection in place and time of logistic operations, such as order’s assembly, purchasing and sales recording, picking, loads and expeditions, stock consulting and returns.
  • The Results
    A Poveira is now able to make real time stock control and localization (in warehouse and racks); minimize supply chain delays; control the quantity and quality of raw materials and finished product and improve on-time-completed-shipments compliance with deadlines to end customers. Flow integrates the shop-floor with the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), making it possible to automatically register and assemble orders, carry out billing, with full traceability, thus increasing operational efficiency.

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